How To Remove Blemishes From Photos on an iPhone?

How do I remove blemishes from iPhone Photos for free?

Are you an iPhone user wondering how you will remove blemishes from your photos?

You would be pleased to know that this is possible through iPhone Photos and other editing applications. 

Everyone gets dark circles, blemishes, acne, and other skin-related problems. They pose a risk to the beauty of one’s skin, lowering their self-esteem.

Fixing these problems is now easy through the use of editing apps. 

These applications enable you to modify your photos to your liking.

You should, however, ensure you make copies of the original image before using any of the applications.

What is an iPhone?

The iPhone is a smartphone made by Apple with a touchscreen interface and can be used as a phone, music player, computer, and camera.

Apple’s iOS platform runs the iPhone. 

Best App for Removing Blemishes from Photos on an iPhone 

The most suitable apps to be used to Remove Blemishes from photos on an iPhone are:

  • iPhone Photos
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Facetune

iPhone Photos

This system app allows the user to remove blemishes in photos. Being a system app, it does not require any subscription, thus being the best.

Guidelines on How to Use iPhone Photos to Remove Blemishes

Below are the guidelines on How to Remove Blemishes from Photos on an iPhone using iPhone Photos.

  • Go to the menu and Select the photos app. 
  • Choose the photo that needs editing.
  • Tap the edit button on the top right corner.
  • Tap on the knob-like button that will be third from the word ‘Cancel.’
  • Select the Light option.
  • Slide to Bring the light even Brighter, depending on your preferences. (Untill the blemishes start to reduce)
  • Click Done and go back to Edit.
  • Go through the additional lighting options on the lower part of the screen. (Indicated by Dot in the middle lower part of the picture) 
  • Select Studio light for a more evened-out skin tone. (Go through all the options and pick out the one that suits you best)
  • Click Done, go back to the knob-like button and tap on the arrow on the right side of the light button.
  • Here there are more Options on Brilliance and Highlights, where editing the degree on the two would also help to depend on the nature of the Blemishes. 
  • Click Done and your photo will be ready.

Adobe Lightroom: Photo Editing For All Levels

Lightroom is a premium photo editing app with many uses, the removal of blemishes from photos being one of them.

Although it has a subscription, Lightroom gets the work done and currently has a 20% discount on its US$9,19/mo package. (for the first year)

Guidelines on How to Remove Blemishes from Photos on an iPhone Using Adobe Lightroom.

Follow the following simple steps to make your photos blemish-free. 

  • Download and Install Lightroom from the Apple app store 
  • Launch the app and select the photo that needs editing
  • Zoom in to the area of the photo that needs editing. (use your fingers)
  • Choose the Selective editing brush, which would be the first button on your left. 
  • Then Select the ‘+’ icon on the top side of the screen and choose the brush icon
  • Click on the circle with a dot that’s soft-edged in the middle. (Second circle)
  • Brush over the part of the picture with blemishes. A red area indicates the brushed parts. (avoid the nose, eyes, and mouth if possible)
  • Select the Details to button on the bottom of the screen and adjust Sharpness to around -38 and Noise to around 28. Tap the tick at the bottom of the screen to Apply your edits. 

Note: In case you accidentally Brushed a region you never intended to, Tap the erase button

Facetune: Best Selfie App for iPhone and Android 

Facetune is an editing app used to enhance pictures and remove blemishes. It is available for iPhone users and can be accessed from the Apple App store.

It is a premium app and thus features a subscription to unlock all its features. 

Guidelines on How to Remove Blemishes from Photos on an iPhone using Facetune

This guide provides the procedures to remove blemishes from photos on an iPhone using Facetune. 

  • Download and Install Facetune from the Appstore
  • Open Facetune on your phone
  • Choose the picture you wish to remove blemishes from.
  • Select the Retouch option 
  • Apply the “Heal” tool to your portrait by choosing it from the tools menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Zoom in on the area with the blemish to quickly eliminate it. 
  • Then select “Auto” to have the software automatically improve your shot for smoother skin 
  • Select Share to save your blemish-free picture in the gallery 

What are Other Apps Available for the Removal of Blemishes from Photos on an iPhone?

How do I retouch Photos on my iPhone?

Apart from the above-discussed apps, there is a wide variety of interesting applications in the Apple app store.

Some apps offer Premium subscriptions to unlock all of their features, whereas others are free to use.

As a result, you do not need to worry about your skin having blemishes when you can easily remove them using either of these apps.

They include:

  • FixThePhoto
  • Photo Retouch – Blemish Remover 
  • Photoshop Express
  • VSCO 
  • AirBrush
  • Superimpose X
  • Snapseed 
  • PhotoDirector
  • YouCam Perfect

Why Do People Remove Blemishes from Photos?

To Increase Confidence 

The confidence a person has in oneself depends on their skin looks.

If you have had skin issues before, changing your skin by removing blemishes would change your life and give you some more self-esteem. 

To Enhance the Beauty of Photos 

Nobody enjoys seeing a photo of themselves where they have imperfections and acne on their skin.

As a result, removing blemishes from the photos makes them more appealing to the viewers. This is important, especially in the cases of models and celebrities.

Photo Restoration 

Taking new photos now and then can be tiring. As a result, restoring older pictures by making them look newer is the alternative.

When blemishes are removed from a picture, they look a bit recently, and we will deem it restored. 

To Get likes on Social Media

Removing blemishes from photos can be used to gain media relevance, especially among teenagers.

Many people on these platforms use these apps to enhance their photos. Better-looking pictures equal followers and, thus, more likes.

Content Creation 

Content creators can also use the apps and record informative videos, which are later posted to help those in need of guidance on how to remove blemishes.

These videos are mostly posted on YouTube and are very helpful to beginners who need visual guidance on how to go about using some of these apps. 

Final Thoughts

The availability of editing apps has made it possible for people, regardless of their skills, to edit pictures and effectively remove blemishes from them.

If you are an iPhone user, there are several options for removing blemishes from photos, one being a system app. 

Some editing apps are free and thus really convenient and readily available.

If you are in need of sophisticated editing features, then premium apps are available, and at an affordable price, you get to have more control over your pictures. 

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