Does the Canon 5D Mark III Have WiFi?

Released in 2012, the Canon 5D Mark III was a much-needed upgrade in the photography world.

It was the company’s first 35mm Autofocus SLR, and it was the first to feature the EOS system. 

However, like in any other sector, the photography world is changing, and more cameras are being released, and older models with outdated features are likely to be phased out. 

One of the most crucial features nowadays is the WiFi capability that allows you to transfer photos and videos instantly.

Today, we will answer if the Canon 5D Mark III has WiFi, and any other data transfer options available.

Is The Canon 5D Mark III Wi-Fi Enabled?

So, does the Canon 5D Mark III have Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, the Canon 5D Mark III doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connectivity option.

This makes it difficult for you to instantly transfer videos and photos from this camera to either your PC, desktop, or smartphone. 

However, you can share images from the Canon 5D Mark III Camera by installing the EYE-FI card, or a tethering system.

What Is an EYE-FI Card?

This wireless memory card uses inbuilt WIFI to transfer videos, photos, and other content from your camera to handheld devices or computers.

This is most likely the only option that Canon 5D Mark III lovers have if they want an instant transfer of their content. 

Once you insert the EYE-FI card, such as this one, into your Canon 5D Mark III, it will be loaded in the camera, and then all you do is press the enable button for the video or photo transmission to start.

This card naturally fits into the camera and makes your photos available on your devices without needing an internet connection.

How To Control the 5D MARK III With a Wireless Tethering System

This is another option, and from my personal experience, it works.

This option works best with android gadgets or IOS, and you have to use an Air Remote Mobile Application.

However, you need to know that this tethering technology works only for a distance of 100 feet.

One of the benefits of using a wireless tethering system to control your Canon 5D camera is that it gives you control over specific camera functions.

They include focusing, exposure, time-lapse, bracketing, and shutter speeds. Nevertheless, for the tethering system to effectively control your camera, you need the right tools. 

It is therefore essential to find the right cables, kits, and software and establish a strong connection.

Benefits of Controlling Canon 5D Mark III with Wireless Tethering System

In case you choose this as your option, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

  • It is usable with most portable devices.
  • No need for an internet connection when transferring the videos and images
  • Photographers easily share the photos and videos with their clients in case they want to share them on the social media
  • It covers a bigger wireless range, at least not less than 100 feet
  • The photographer can easily monitor the camera functions
  • Tethering allows adjustment of the IOS, shutter, aperture, among others.
  • The photographer can know when the shooting time will lapse.
  • Live view image composition
  • Long battery life
  • Allows charging when in use

Wireless Tethering System Connection – How Does It Work?

This connection is done by mounting the tether system, such as the Case Air system, to the Canon 5D Mark III camera through a hot shoe or attaching it with a lanyard.

The Case air will plug into the USB port of the camera and create a Wi-Fi hotspot.

This hotspot will enable a wireless connection to either your hand-held device, laptop, or desktop.

Reasons Why You Should Still Choose the Canon 5D Mark III Camera

Many people wonder why this is among some of the expensive cameras in the market. Here are the benefits of Canon 5D that they need to know.

Low Light Performance and Reduced Noise

A good camera should be versatile and work in any light. This is the number one benefit of a Canon 5D camera. You can use it in reduced lights to shoot explicit and quality videos.

On the other hand, this is a high-performing camera. It is excellent in color features and storage capacity. It is also noiseless when doing regular shooting.

High Resolution

This is another reason why Canon 5D is most people’s favorite.

It is a full-frame camera and can resolve up to 1080p therefore, they can use it to produce anything within that range.

Its resolution is reliable, and the photographer won’t miss anything.

Audio Monitoring/ Record Limit

Most cameras in the market are frustrating when it comes to audio monitoring. However, the Canon 5D Mark III is different.

This is because it features a headphone jack that allows you to monitor the audio and adjust it.

The other benefit is the record limit which is at 30 minutes. This makes Canon 5D a reliable camera for video shooting and documentaries.


Since the Canon 5D Mark III was replaced by the Mark IV, you can get a really good deal on it from resellers.

It still has a lot to offer as a classic, despite there being more advanced cameras in the market.

Final Thoughts

Even though the Canon 5D Mark III camera is not Wi-Fi enabled, that doesn’t mean that photographers can’t transfer their photos and videos.

They have the option of using an EYE-FI card or wireless tethering system. But if you want to take better photographs and still benefit from a WiFi connection, you can opt for the Canon 5D Mark IV.

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